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Unpollute is a METS company intent on recovering critical metals from active and abandoned mines, to help fuel the green energy transition while stopping pollution from legacy mine waste.

Unpollute is at the forefront of critical minerals recovery, revolutionizing the
way we harness essential resources for a sustainable future.

Critical minerals are indispensable for advancing the energy transition
by facilitating the development and deployment of renewable energy
technologies, energy-efficient systems, and sustainable infrastructure.
Ensuring a stable and responsible supply of these minerals is essential
for achieving global climate goals and transitioning towards a
low-carbon economy.

Many old mines were only assessed for a target mineral, such as gold or copper without assessment of the full geochemistry. This is important because 1) these mines remain prospective for other valuable minerals, and 2) the minerals left behind can contribute to environmental hazards such as Acid Mine Drainage (AMD) which causes ongoing pollution requiring remediation.



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Unpollute can add value to your mining project and reduce environmental liability. By complete waste characterization assessments of abandoned and active minesites, we allow businesses to continue focussing on their day-to-day activities. We also support the government mines departments in their assessments of legacy sites.

Unpollute undertakes R&D to improve recovery of metals and water from Tailings Storage Facilities with the innovative Unpollute Dewatering System (UDS). Please get in touch to enquire about economic appraisal, waste characterisation or tailings dewatering.


Unpollute: Your Partner In Sustainability

Unpollute is a Mining Equipment Technology and Services (METS) company based in Perth, Western Australia.

Unpollute undertakes waste characterisation studies to add value and to reduce costs on mining projects in Australia.